Juicing is the perfect way in which to get your health back on track. It provides you with direct access to a wide range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It’s also, all that you need to embrace a whole new you and feel better than ever before.

Below, we investigate everything that you should know about this worldwide health trend, and provide you with some tips on how to incorporate it into your daily life.

The Benefits

Aside from juicing fruit, which is always good for your health, many opt to juice vegetables too. This provides incredible benefits to the body. When you cook veggies, they lose a vast amount of the nutrients which they originally contained. However, when you juice them, you will be taking in every last bit of these healthy essentials.

Juicing is also known to provide you with an instant energy boost, particularly if it’s a morning glassful before work or working out at the gym. The main reason why you feel so energized after glugging down a fresh glass of juice, is because your body doesn’t have to do any digestive work – the good stuff is already there for the taking!

For the same reasons, juicing is also known to promote better quality sleep. The body has no need to focus on digesting. Instead, it can relax and rejuvenate overnight, resulting in you feeling even more refreshed in the mornings.

For those who are looking to lose weight, but who don’t want to worry about depriving their bodies of important vitamins, juicing is the way to go. The great news is that you gain all of the healthy aspects of the fruit and veggies, without the bulk or the calories, when you juice. Eventually, this results in healthy weight loss that is much easier to maintain.

Finally, you will be making the most of the powerful cancer fighting properties that fruit and veggies are so well known for. Their antioxidants are very helpful when it comes to warding off disease and keeping the body in tip top shape.

What You Need to Know

Before you take the plunge and embrace the juicing trend, there are a few things that you need to be aware of:

Your health

While juicing is indeed very healthy, you will be consuming a lot of natural sugars which might not be beneficial for everybody. Because of this, it is important to know where your personal health stands. Visit your doctor for a check-up (so he / she can screen you for health issues like diabetes) before beginning your juicing journey… just to be on the safe side!

What to expect

Due to the influx of the sheer amount of nutrients, your body will need time to adjust. As a result, expect to experience some initial side effects. You might suffer from headaches, constipation or diarrhea. We are all different. Try not to worry, your body should settle down and start reaping the benefits after a couple of days of juicing consistently.

The best time to drink your juices

Obviously, if you are starting to juice, you want to make the most of your efforts, right? There is indeed a perfect time to consume freshly made juices. Most experts recommend that you do so on an empty stomach. Hunger means that your body will be more likely to consume and use all of the vitamins and minerals that it is fed. Also be sure to wait at least a half an hour before eating a more substantial meal once you have finished your juice.

How to get started

As mentioned earlier, it will take your body a while to adjust to the amount of nutrients which you are feeding it. Knowing this, it might be a good idea to start off slow using some of the more common fruits and vegetables. Things like apples, carrots and oranges are all great choices. After a few days of this, you can feel free to get a bit more creative and drink larger amounts.

Go green

If you’re looking for a powerful boost, be sure to juice plenty of green veggies. The greener the veggie, the more nutritionally superior it will be. For the same reason, also remember to juice ripe fruit.

Switch it up

Even if a particular combination tastes incredible, it is important to keep rotating the juices that you make. In doing so, your body will continue to take as much from the liquid as it can. Try to refresh your juicing menu once a week at least for best results.

Drink immediately

Nutrients will start to lose their value if left to stand for too long. Knowing this, it is always a good idea to drink your concoction immediately after juicing.

Wash before use

This should go without saying, but for health reasons it cannot be emphasized enough – always remember to wash your fruits and vegetables before juicing! This will help to remove any harmful pesticides and bacteria-containing soil particles.

Unfortunately, juicing might not be the answer for everyone. If you find that you just aren’t feeling great despite having been juicing for a few weeks, you might want to reconsider or cut down the amount which you are consuming. It is important to listen to your body whenever you feel pain or even slightly under the weather – it could be trying to tell you something very important indeed! Generally, the way we feel should be an indicator that something is not quite right.

Now that you know all that there is to know about the super-healthy juicing trend, it‘s time to invest in a quality juicer, pay the greengrocer a visit, and get started! You’re likely to be well on your way to looking and feeling better than you ever have before.

Let us know if you come up with any interesting recipes or tasty alternatives to what we have already suggested – there are so many combinations which work well together, it’s fun to experiment and try new recipes to keep your taste-buds interested.