Tiger Stainless Thermal Magic Cooker

The Tiger Thermal cooker is an amazing electricity free slow cooker that you can literally bring with you! It’s a Japanese invention and is manufactuered there but its 100% fantastic for what it does to food.

Check out this gadget of amazing awesomeness here:

This is how it works:

You put the big 8L inner pot over the stove top and bring to a boil. Then you set that inner pot inside the outer pot and clip the lid of the outer pot closed. The stainless steel vacuum and air insulated outer container allows the food to cook slowly but absolutely fully, without any flames or power while the outside pot stays totes cool bro. Even to the touch, so like the video shows you can chuck it in the back of your car, drive around in the mountains for a few hours and then have the best tasting, most kick ass picnic everyone has ever had. Best of all you get to keep all the nutrition of the food and minimise how much seasoning you need.

This bad boy keeps food hot (around 163F) for 6 hours!! If you can’t believe it, you woulnd’t be alone homie. Fo reals.

Now I know for sure you are wondering where you can pick up this container of unparalleled awesome. Well good news champ, you can buy it on our favourite online mega store Amazon.

Go snap one up.