Tribest Yolife Yogurt Maker

Check out an overview of this amazing product here and then check out what we think below:

Okay first thing is first. Who doesn’t like yoghurt? Am I right? Aliens and people without taste buds, that’s who. Actually aliens might like yoghurt, we’re lacking enough information to be sure about that one.

Anyway this product comes with a bunch of stuff bundled. Some big lids with timers, a heater base, some pots a bunch of other stuff for good measure. Also some instructions on how to make your own special blend of yo yo yoghurt.

So why bother with this product?

Yolife Yoghurt maker is the bomb – the fast yoghurt making bomb that is. It’s easy way to make fresh yogurt at home in just 8-12 hours. This bad boy can make up to 42 oz (you could give some to your neighbours) of nutritious yogurt from milk or soy milk in the convenient glass containers that are included. BOOM! How d’ya like those probiotic apples…(only if its apple favoured yog)

Or, you can choose to use your own larger containers to make up to 80 oz of yogurt at a time. Simply add milk or soy milk, active cultures, and your favourite flava to make delicious and creamy yogurt at home. Yolife maintains the optimal environment for the active cultures to quickly turn your milk or soymilk into nutritious yogurt filled with beneficial probiotics.

Speaking of pro-biotics….

Personally I’m a lover of the Kefir gear. Its great stuff. Very healthy for your guts and digestive track. I’d recommend it for your health. Its seriously good stuff. It is a super pro-biotic that will have your gut humming along. It will make your gut healthier and probably it will make you thinner to boot.

Got your attention now right?!

Here is some more information on that:

Now you are probably wondering…where can I get one because now I have The Want on me. I feel you baby!

Well don’t be lazy! Do a Google and get hunting. Sheesh…do I have to do everything for you??!

One last tip…it shouldn’t cost more than $50 so if anyone tries to sell it for more than that, then there’s a good chance they’re some sort of scammer. You won’t get the $70 million dollars from that prince who just died – you can be sho of that yo!